About Us

The Western Rural Development Center is a regional catalyst for capacity building in the West. The Center collaborates with its public and private sector partners to promote excellence in research, education and Extension for the prosperity of western rural communities.

The 13 western states and four Pacific Territories.


The WRDC strengthens rural communities by sharing scientific discovery and application of sustainable practices with rural citizens via conferences, trainings, Web 2.0, and publications. The Center aims to help rural communities prosper, thrive economically, and become self-sustaining.

Priority Areas

  1. Enhancing Human Capacity through People-Based Rural Development
  2. Creating Vibrant Rural Communities through Place-Based Rural Development
  3. Promoting Sustainable Natural Resource Development

The WRDC is funded by USDA-NIFA and also receives generous support from Utah State University, Utah State University Cooperative Extension, and the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station.