CREW 2011


Click here to read a summary of the 2011 CREW meeting held in Seattle, WA in June 2011.

What is CREW?

The purpose of this multi-state/territories CONSORTIUM FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY IN THE WEST (CREW) is to serve as a catalyst for multi-state, multi-disciplinary, multi-function collaboration in the West.

Members will identify and collaborate on projects including research, Extension, education, policy development, and other ventures; and will partner with government agencies and non-governmental organizations to identify and jointly act upon opportunities that meet the goals outlined in this charter.

CREW Goals

To address unique challenges and opportunities in the West CREW will:

  1. Advance research and use of renewable and alternative energy resources
  2. Promote energy conservation and efficiency
  3. Help the Nation achieve energy independence by identifying, developing and evaluating a variety energy options
  4. Enhance the quality of life in the Western Region by creating energy related jobs and economic opportunities

Who Should Attend

Extension, faculty and researchers with expertise in these areas: wind energy; energy efficiency and conservation including weatherization; and socio-economic factors of energy workforce development.