Extension Sustainability Summit

The 2013 Extension Sustainability Summit was held at the Newpark Resort in Park City, Utah, October 2-3, 2013. Each Summit session was recorded so if you couldn't join us or want to relive the great days, simply click here to watch

October 2-3, 2013
Newpark Resort
Park City, Utah

As mentioned in Sustainable Living Education: A Call to Extension (Elliott et al., 2008) - a Journal of Extension article written by ten nationally respected Extension sustainability educators - “To effectively address the need for Sustainable Living Education, Extension must immediately re-focus and re-tool. We need a state-by-state implementation of sustainable living programming to help clientele break from excessive consumption patterns held up as societal norms. …But if Extension is not prepared to be a leader in providing education on this overriding challenge of our time, the public will go elsewhere for it – and indeed, the public is already doing so."

Thus, the Extension Sustainability Summit was designed by Extension educators, for Extension educators, to assess what major environmental sustainability programs are currently being delivered through Cooperative Extension, and to envision our future direction. Environmental sustainability is envisioned to encompass five thematic areas: Land (conservation, reduce, reuse, recycle), Air (quality, climate change), Food (local food, sustainable food systems), Water (quality, conservation) and Energy (renewable, sustainable).

We are seeking answers to the following questions:
· What are the goals and objectives of various Extension sustainability programs?
· What do successful Extension sustainability programs look like? What are the indicators of success?
· Are we meeting the current needs when it comes to sustainability outreach? Where are the gaps?
· Who are the target audiences for Extension sustainability programs?

The Summit featured presentations, exhibits, and visioning sessions.


Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Extension Sustainability Summit Planning Team
Mark Apel, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension
Roslynn Brain, Utah State University Cooperative Extension
Gregg Garfin, University of Arizona
Milton Geiger, University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension
Rose Hayden-Smith, University of California Cooperative Extension
Bob Simmons, Washington State University Cooperative Extension