Rural Connections

Rural Connections, the magazine of the Western Rural Development Center, is published to inform the nation on timely research and activities by the West’s land-grant institutions and regional/national agencies as it relates to rural development issues in the region. Contributors include researchers, faculty, Extension researchers, specialists and agents, practitioners, and professionals from throughout the West with occasional contributions from outside the region.  

New for 2015!
We are pleased to announce a few changes to Rural Connections for 2015. Future issues of Rural Connections will cover a broad range of topics rather than focusing on a main theme. Possible topics for articles will include community development, water issues, energy, economic development in rural areas, and more! Click here for information about our Call for Articles.

Rural Connections will continue to be published two times each year, with issues released in April and October. The Western Rural Development Center looks forward to their continued work with researchers and Extension Specialists to inform the nation on research and activities regarding rural development issues.

Read the latest issue!
Extension in the West:
 Team Builders
June 2015
In this issue of Rural Connections, Extension Agents, Professors, and Specialists share their outreach programs and research on a myriad of topics including:
 a new model of training delivery, youth cultural exchange with Samoa, agricultural water conservation, pre-wildfire thread reduction, and renewable energy's role in university outreach. Read more

Past Issues:

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